Zdravstveno Osiguranje

Since 2006 only children and pregnant women in Serbia are entitled to free dental care. Guided by our belief that dental care should be accessible to everyone, we decided to offer our patients a choice of delayed payment methods.

Here at Dr Ljilja and Dr Darko dental office we offer our patients the possibility to spread their dental treatment payment over a 6 months period with no interest, using post-dated cheques.

Administrative ban
We also offer our patients and their family members the possibility to spread out their dental treatment payment over 2 to 18 months with no interest, using Administrative ban payment method.

By signing an Agreement on Administrative Ban Payment Method with a certain company, the employee of that company can spread out the payment for all dental care costs for him/herself and their family on several equal monthly installments with no interest. This way, all types of dental treatment and service become accessible to everyone.

Dental office Dr Ljilja and Dr Darko signed an Agreement with Vojvodjanska Bank on Consumer Loan for our patients.

Following a detailed dental examination and after being given an estimate on the scope and price of dental treatment, our patients visit Vojvodjanska Bank. After a credit history check, consumer loan for dental treatment and services in our dental office is granted.