Dental Office

Dental office Dr Ljilja and Dr Darko is equipped according to the latest standards. Three dental units, digital X-ray, intraoral camera, modern equipment and materials enable us to resolve a wide range of dental issues.

Having three dental units enables us to examine and treat more patients at the same time, which is comfortable for our patients and provides our team with more flexibility. Each unit is equipped to provide all types of standard and specialist dental treatments. Units are also equipped with TFT monitors, which enable us to present and analyse X-rays and intraoral camera images. Also during dental procedures, our patients can watch cable TV programs and feel more comfortable. Time spent in the waiting room is minimised.

X-ray is an integral part of every modern dental office. It is necessary for accurate diagnostics, adequate root canal treatment, safe tooth extraction, etc. We have used X-ray in our dental office since our foundation and since 2012 we use Ritter X-ray and RVG plate to send the image directly to the computer memory and monitor. The biggest advantages of digital dental X-ray are 50-90% lower radiation, more precise and sharper image, image manipulation – zooming, measuring, saving, etc., as well as minimum time for obtaining images.

The fact that the patient cannot see what the dentist see can present a huge issue in the communication between them. Apart from the exterior side of the front teeth, the patient cannot see anything happening inside his/her mouth. With the introduction of the intraoral camera all this has changed. Now, patients can finally see the problem and on advice of dentist they can choose the best solution. After treatment, they can see the work done. Also, we can now take the pictures of the problems and all work done with each and every patient and save them for the future analysis and use.

The use of modern equipment, instruments and materials is of outmost importance for the modern dental practice and together with the continuing professional advancement of a dentist, it is the main parameter when evaluating a dental office. It is only possible to have the highest quality dental service and treatment when the highest quality equipment, instruments and materials are used. We fully recognize that in our dental office and we use only the most reliable brands: GC, Ivoclar, Septodont, Zhermack and 3M, etc. We also use a wide range of instruments and machines that make dental work faster and most efficient: apex locator, LED lamps, ultrasound and air flow, are just a few of them.

Sterilisation is one of the most important segments in the functioning of a dental office. It is absolutely necessary that all instruments and materials used in everyday work with patients are sterile. That is achieved by proper sterilisation, on one hand, and by single-use instruments and equipment, on the other. In our dental office, we use all necessary equipment for a proper and high quality cleaning and sterilisation: container with disinfectant, ultrasound container, dry heat steriliser and autoclave. Indicators and stripes testing the quality of sterilisation are also used, as well as single-use materials: cups, syringes, needles, gloves and masks.

We are aware that a waiting room in a dental office is an area where patients and individuals accompanying them spend a lot of their time, so we did our best to make the atmosphere in our waiting room comfortable, interesting and fun. We offer you: cable TV, magazines and dental educational materials. You can use wireless internet (Wi-Fi). Water cooler and beverages are also there for you. Our waiting area is smoke free, as it is a case in all other medical institutions.